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Plastic cat kitten play balls jingle bell assorted colours pack of 10 games trea

  • JINGLE BELL PLAY BALLS: Provide hours of fun for your cat or kitten with this pack of 10 colourful play balls with jingle bells inside. Your pet will love this game and will be so happy playing around with the plastic balls. The balls are lightweight so that large cats or small kittens can knock the balls around the house.
  • COLOURFUL: The pack of 10 plastic balls comes in a variety of colours to stimulate your cat. The colours featured are yellow, blue, orange and green
  • BELLS: The balls each contain a jingle bell so when your cat knocks the ball around it will let off a sound and you will watch their ears shoot up. The sound and colours will give your cat hours of fun
  • LIGHTWEIGHT PLASTIC: The balls are made from lightweight plastic and they have holes in them so you can thread something through them to add a different angle to the game your cat is playing

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